On April 19, 2016 The Belize Federation of Fishers took a small delegation of 12 Executive Members for a second fishers exchange in Cozumel Mexcio to meet with the Cozumel Cooperative of Society of Fisheries Production with the support of the OAK Foundation.

The exchange was a continuation of the first in December of 2014.This time around a total of  A total of 35 fishers participated. The Belizean delegates visited the Cozumel processing plant but was unable to visit the fishing  ground. The objective of the fishermen exchange was  to continue look at methodologies used for the harvesting of the lobster in Cozumel, to understand the governance structure of the cooperatives and marine reserves in our neighboring country and to learn about their lobster fishery. We also presented two recent documents BFF Alternative Species to Lobster and Conch and BFF Sustainable Fisheries Guide to Lobster and Conch. In addition brochure and posters.

On this trip, the executive management committee of the BFF was focus on establishing a formal agreement with Cozumel Cooperative to strengthen our relationship and were possible establish some kind of marketing relationship especially since there is still a moratorium on the conch fishery. Therefore we continue to focus on those two fishery as well as alternative of which purchasing  lion fish was of great interest to them.

Below are a few clips taken during the visit.

Written by EMC BFF