Organizational Chart

organizational chart

The BFF seeks to provide a united voice and point of action for issues and concerns related to all marine resources, the communities that are dependent on those resources, and the fishers who harvest those resources. Membership is open to every person who is either a citizen or permanent resident of Belize, and is a full time fisherman who is willing to contribute in words and action to the improvement of the social and economic conditions of fishers and the proper management of fisheries resources, and who support the objectives of the Federation.

However only born Belizean can become a member of the EMC. The EMC will advance the BFF vision and mission through all fishing communities from North, Central and South of the country. The BFF is legally registered with the Belize companies and corporate affairs registry, Belmopan chapter 247 of the laws on the 4th day of October 2011, and incorporated in the matter of the companies act, chapter 250 of the substantive laws of Belize, Revise Edition 2000 on 30th April 2013.